Elders who are Abused at High Risk of Hospitalization

Seniors who are physically neglected or abused are at a much higher risk of hospitalization, compared to those who are not subjected to such abuse or neglect.

According to a new study conducted by researchers at Rush University and Northwestern University Medical Center, this is because caregivers may not be punctual with the senior’s doctor’s appointments, and may not be diligent in providing the right medications for the senior citizen. The results of the study were published in the Journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

If a senior citizen is dependent on the abusive or negligent family member or caregiver for his medical needs, he may frequently misses his doctor’s appointments, may not have the right medications and also may not have the right diet. All of this contributes to poor health. Further, these seniors are also placed under immense stress because of abuse and neglect. It’s not surprising therefore that senior citizens, who have been abused, have much higher hospitalization rates, compared to elderly persons who have not been abused.

The researchers analyzed data relating to more than 6,700 senior citizens, and found that at least 116 were identified as having been subjected to physical neglect or abuse. The researchers then found that the annual hospitalization rate for seniors who were subjected to abuse was almost double the rate for people who were not subjected to abuse.

According to geriatric health experts, senior abuse is a serious and growing problem in the United States. According to at least one estimate, approximately 10% of all senior adults in the country are victims of abuse. What Fremont elder abuse lawyers find even more distressing is that those numbers and trends are only increasing.