NTSB Urges Auto Safety Technologies Be Made Standard on All Vehicles

The increasing use of auto safety technology has appropriately been credited for lowering the number of persons being killed in accidents across the country. Now, the National Transportation Safety Board has joined Fremont car accident lawyers and safety groups in calling for these safety technologies to be made standard equipment on all vehicles.

The National Transportation Safety Board’s call came during a news conference recently, where the Board released its annual Most Wanted list of safety improvements. Every year, the Board releases a wish list of safety improvements that it wishes to see in several fields, including transportation, and pipeline and workplace safety.

This year, most of the items on the list are related to highway safety. The list features a federal mandate that would require auto safety technologies like lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control and other technologies to be made standard equipment in all passenger vehicles as well as commercial vehicles. The Board is looking not just at lane departure warning systems and collision warning systems, but also at speed limiting technologies and tire pressure monitoring devices.

The National Transportation Safety Board’s wish list for 2013 also includes measures that would end distractions while driving. The Board correctly acknowledges that it is coming across an increasing number of accidents and near-miss incidents caused by distracted motorists, truck drivers, bus drivers as well as pilots.

The Board wants these technologies to be made mandatory, because that would automatically result in a drop in their cost. When technologies become more easily available, they become cheaper and more accessible to the public. As more motorists drive vehicles that come with these safety technologies, it will translate into a reduction in the number of accidents, and more lives saved per year.