Red Light Camera Systems Prove Effective in Reducing Violations, Fatalities

A vast body of research conclusively proves to Fremont personal injury lawyers that red light camera -equipped intersections see fewer violations, and consequently, fewer accidents and fatalities. Yet another study out of Arlington Virginia, comes up with similar findings.

In this particular study, the researchers analyzed 4 red light camera system-equipped intersections in Arlington. The cameras were installed in 2010, and each intersection was equipped with one camera each. The city authorities first issued a 30-day warning period, informing all citizens about the red light cameras at these intersections, and soon after, the county began issuing citations for violations.

Violators were fined $50 if their violations were caught on camera. The city of Arlington issued a press release after the cameras were turned on, and, another press release was issued to raise publicity about these numbers.
The city also worked to install signs at all approaches to intersections to alert drivers, but signs warning about red light camera systems were not posted anywhere else. That is in contrast to the practice in many counties where signs about red light camera systems are plastered all over the place.

These specific strategies used by Arlington seemed to work very effectively. The researchers found that one year after the installation of these cameras, the odds of violations at these intersections went down significantly.
For instance, there was a 39 percent lower likelihood of violations occurring .5 seconds after the light turned red, and violations occurring one second after the red light saw a 40% lower likelihood after the cameras were installed. The most dramatic decline of 86% was found in those violations that occurred 1.5 seconds after the lights turned red, which are also some of the most dangerous violations.