Researchers Experiment with Artificial Bone to Heal Fractures

Fractures or broken bones are some of the most common injuries resulting out of auto accidents and motorcycle accidents. These can take a long time to heal depending on the severity and the complexity of the fracture. British researchers have announced the development of a new technique that would make use of artificial bone material to heal fractures.

The material is actually an artificial bone that has been made using human stem cells and a biodegradable plastic material. British scientists at the Universities of Edinburgh and Southampton made the announcement.

According to the researchers, the material can be fitted onto broken or fractured bones. This would help the bones to grow, encourage the re-growth of bones and strengthen the bone. Over a period of time, the plastic material, which is contained in the artificial bone implant, would dissolve, and be replaced by completely new bone.

The results of the research were published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials. The researchers say that they have conducted tests in the lab as well as on animals. They hope to soon begin human clinical trials.

The scientists say that they’re very certain that this material will help improve the quality of life as well as the healing rate for people who have suffered from fractures and bone injuries. Fremont personal injury lawyers believe that the implications of this research and the development of the artificial bone material are especially significant for senior citizens, who now form a significant proportion of the population of the United States. These people may be more susceptible to fractures if they suffer a fall accident, and it will be interesting to see whether this artificial bone material could be used to help heal fractures in this highly vulnerable group.