Study Shows Drowsy Driving Risks Underestimated

The findings of new research released by the National Safety Council finds that drowsy driving continues to remain an underestimated cause of fatal accidents among young drivers. These drivers are aware of the dangers of driving under the influence, but seem to treat similar risks with drowsy driving, very casually.

The researchers analyzed the responses of young drivers below the age of 30, to the risks of driving under the influence and driving while sleepy. They found that while most of the young motorists in the study were very aware of the dangers of driving under the influence, and the high risks of accidents involving the use of alcohol, they believe that driving under the influence of fatigue was actually understandable. In other words, while drunk driving was a complete no-no, drowsy driving was tolerable.

Those findings are quite disturbing to Fremont car accident attorneys, because both drowsy driving and drunk driving contribute to accidents involving young drivers. Additionally, young drivers may be at a much higher risk of sleep-deprivation compared to older drivers. In fact, according to the study, drivers of this age group who took long highway trips were much more likely to be sleep deprived than drivers in other age groups.

Part of the reason for this casual attitude towards drowsy driving is the lack of initiatives to target the dangers of driving while fatigued. While there are several campaigns targeting seat belt use and drunk driving, there are few initiatives aimed at encouraging motorists to put off driving if they are sleepy. That is why you have so many drivers who believe that it is okay to drive while they’re close to dozing off, even though they believe that it is not okay to drive after you’ve had a few drinks.