Traumatic Brain Injury Is Risk Factor for Homelessness

There have been many studies that have reported an association between brain injury and a wide range of effects that include long-term physical and mental health problems, cognitive problems, unemployment, and even marital trouble. A troubling new study indicates to Los Angeles personal injury lawyers that traumatic brain injury is also a predictor for homelessness.

According to the study, which was conducted by researchers at the Head Injury Clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital, homeless people have a much higher risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury, compared to the general population. The study was based on a review of recent scientific research into homelessness and traumatic brain injury.

The researchers found from the review that between 8% and 53% of homeless people have a traumatic brain injury.

Most of these people are males. In the majority of the cases, the person suffered a brain injury before he or she became homeless which proves to Los Angeles personal injury lawyers that brain injury could actually be a risk factor for homelessness.

The researchers also tried to probe the possibility that certain types of disorders like impulse control disorders could possibly be a risk factor for both traumatic brain injury as well as homelessness.

The researchers are calling for a much better understanding of brain injury and its influence on homelessness in order to encourage appropriate interventions, case management and other strategies, to help this population. What is even more worrying is that the research also suggests that homeless people, who suffer from traumatic brain injury, are at a much higher risk of continuing to remain homeless, because they have an impaired cognitive function. These people may be much less likely to be able to make their way out of their desperate situation.