Trials Promise New Hope for Spinal Cord Injury Victims

California car accident lawyers and families of persons who have suffered a spinal cord injury can look forward to a series of new spinal cord injury trials that are expected to begin in the month of September.

The trials will use transplanted nerve cells from other sites of the person’s body, in order to help coax the injured neurons to grow. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the trials. This the first time that trials like these are being conducted anywhere in the world.

The trials are the result of nonstop work by the Miami Project to cure Paralysis, a foundation that was established by NFL Hall Of Famer Nick Buoniconti and his injured son, Marc. Marc suffered severe spinal cord injury during a football game in 1985, and has since been completely paralyzed. However, his foundation has continuously pushed for these trials.

Recently, Miami Project to cure Paralysis doctors announced that they had received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to begin phase 1 clinical human trials. The trials will involve a new technique in which nerve cells from the leg of the patient will be transplanted into the injured site. The researchers believe that the transplanted nerve cells will coax the injured neurons to grow, restoring some sensation function to the legs. For a person to be eligible for the trial, he must have recently been injured, and must have suffered a spinal cord injury that has left him with no sensation or movement in his lower limbs.

Obviously, it is a little too early to get very excited about these trials. The trials are basically phase 1 clinical trials and will mainly focus on understanding how safe these techniques are, rather than how effective they will be. However, there is reason to hope that the trials will yield substantial successes as they proceed.