The Law Offices of John N. Kitta:
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Northern California Law Firm for Personal Injury, Family Law,
Business and a Wide-Variety of Cases

Mr. Kitta graduated from Santa Clara University with a Business Administration degree. Since earning his Juris Doctorate at the same university in 1976 he has been practicing law throughout California and has appeared before countless courts.

He has the academic experience you would expect but he also has the confidence to explain complex laws in straightforward and clear ways. These qualities can only be achieved after years of legal experience.

With a long history of accomplishments and a stellar record of success in a wide-variety of legal cases, Mr. Kitta is more than equipped to help you with nearly any legal matter in Northern California. Call for a free consultation: (510) 400-5149.

Located near the intersection of Stevenson Boulevard and Mission, the Law Offices of John N. Kitta are easily accessible from anywhere in the San Jose or Bay Area. However, our ample parking and convenient location should not be the reason you call us at (510) 797-7990. Instead, you should call because:

  • San Jose Attorney John N. Kitta has more than three decades of experience practicing law
  • We have secured millions of dollars for clients in California personal injury cases
  • We have represented clients in the highest stakes real estate, business law and employment law disputes
  • We have negotiated business contracts of staggering complexity that involved millions of dollars
  • Our approach to family law is to fight for the most beneficial settlement while maintaining a professional and diplomatic environment during litigation
  • We focus on clients; all of our legal advice is made to benefit clients in the long-term. At many Bay Area law firms, the priority is short term profit for the firm. Not so with Mr. Kitta.

We will never take your case for granted and we will always be transparent about legal fees. We will always be available to answer questions about your case. Not only will we be available to listen to your questions, Mr. Kitta has the legal experience to offer clear but substantial answers. For the legal representation you need, call (510) 797-7990 to speak with your Alameda County Attorney John N. Kitta.

You Need a San Jose Attorney With Deep Experience

You may have been involved in a car accident on the 880 while heading to San Jose; you or your child may have suffered a dog bite in Milpitas; you may be struggling through a divorce in Berkley; you may be suing a former business partner or you may be engaged in a contract dispute over a real estate deal in San Jose. Your family may be grieving over the death of a loved one in Oakland and you need a probate lawyer experienced with wills and trusts. John N. Kitta has helped countless clients through all of the aforementioned cases in his 34 year career. He can help you.