Real Estate Law

California Real Estate Law is Complex: An Experienced Real Estate Attorney is Vital

For more than three decades, the Law Offices of John N. Kitta have been focused on real estate law in California. We have the experience, the resources, and the proven record of success to help you through any legal challenge related to real estate law including:

  • Tenant and landlord disputes.
  • Commercial lease issues including industrial and business leases.
  • Construction defects.
  • Boundary conflicts and title disputes.
  • Real property options, licenses, and easements.
  • Real estate fraud including non-disclosure.
  • Breach of contract.

The above represents only a small portion of the many legal issues related to real estate law that we have handled.

Experienced Real Estate Attorney

Throughout California the Law Offices of John N. Kitta have been helping clients in the most complex real estate legal disputes. If you are in the midst of a boundary issue, construction defect dispute, zoning conflict, or have other real estate law concerns, we can help you overcome the challenges. If you want to prevent a crisis before you sign a contract, before you begin to build, before a boundary issue call (510) 797-7990 for the legal advice that may help you overcome—or avoid—legal difficulties.

Real estate disputes are very common throughout the state. Resolving these disputes requires an attorney who has the experience to analyze the complex details and massive financial implications that often constellate around real estate law in California.

With the housing crisis still haunting the real estate market in California, desperate sellers may use unethical tactics to get rid of their houses; facing financial turmoil, a business partner may violate their agreement leaving other partners with a lease or mortgage on a property they can no longer afford. The possibilities for legal conflict involving real estate in California are endless. Having an experienced attorney to answer all your questions is crucial. Living in California, you need a real estate attorney who is familiar with the most successful tactics for winning real estate cases.