A super good lawyer with good heart, Highly recommend, John responded my email immediately with his honest opinion and advice. Very very good lawyer, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I will definitely retain his service if needed in the future.

Elle X

When i first talked to Mr. Kita, i was impressed with his professionalism which is very much needed in Separation cases as the client is always going through some emotional breakdown. Then i worked with Mr. Bob Waligore from the same Office to discuss my case . Mr. Bob provided me with the best service. The staff is so cooperative & they always responded to my calls/emails with the to-the-point best answer. I still seek Mr. Bob’s advice 8, his response shows how well he understands his clients & their questions. I am happy i am in good hands of Law Offices of John N Kitta for any of my legal concems.

Gitanjali V

He is representing me on my case right now so far he is doing a excellent job him and his co workers he keeps in contact with me on a daily basis regarding my case I broke , ankle at my previous job and is trying to help me with that I will refer him to my friends and family

Veronica A

I had several business transactions with John throughout 2011 and am very satisfied with John’s service and legal representation. My transactions were estate and Real estate related and John’s work was thorough and timely. I am very satisfied with the service received by john a. his office.
Charles I.

Charles I

Probably the last thing anyone wants to spend money on is an attomey. Sometimes, however, it’s necessary. When I was faced with divorce in 2002, I contacted John N. Kitts at the recommendation of a neighbor. Mr. Kitts ably represented in me in divorce proceedings in 2002 and again in a modification of support hearing in 2004. Although representation was costly, it was money well spent. Mr. Kitts and his staff were responsive, timely, and professional. Mr. Kitts was direct and business-like – and he explained the law clearly and concisely. His negotiation skills and strong advocacy on my behalf resulted in favorable outcomes, including tuition assistance for our son- something not required by California law.

Recently, I was served with a termination of support action and contacted Mr. Kitts for representation once again. Mr. Kitts no longer goes to court. However, he researched my case and conferred with his very capable associate, Mr. Robert Waligore, who took over my case. Mr. Waligore clearly, concisely and realistically assessed my options, focused on what was fair and equitable, estimated the costs of different courses of action, responded deftly to opposing counsel, and expertly argued my case both at settlement conference and at trial. We are awaiting the court’s decision. I am, of course, hoping for a favorable judgment. Regardless of the outcome, however, I am confident I received excellent representation from Mr. Waligore along with excellent service from the staff.

Jill S

Called and asked for RE purchase contract question (not a very complicated one) consultation.

The secretary advised to write email and attach docs and sos I did.

Got to the point email reply from Mr. Kitta the next day. I’m most satisfied with the content of the reply.

alexei k.

Just when I was about to lose all confidence with attorneys in particular and the California court system in general I was lucky enough to get in touch with John N. Kitta of John N. Kitta & Associates. If I told you that I met an attorney who understood that that the objective is to help people in need, not because of the almighty dollar, but because as a member of the bar he believed his initial obligation was ensuring justice you would probably think I was “drinking the Kool-Aid.” Not so, a lawyer like this exists and I can prove it. I spoke with him and his name is John Kitta.

I recently experienced what could have turned into a significant legal issue and although I understood the substantive issues I was in desperate need of a procedural roadmap to combat a quintessential “legal bully.” Not only did John answer my inquiries with rapid speed, he provided perceptions of what the future might portend, spent time providing alternatives, and he actually provided moral help and shared similar stories to show me that the light at the end of the tunnel was not a train headed directly at me.

Within fifteen minutes of talking to John I went from what I thought was an underdog position to a position of confidence. If you have a personal injury, family law or business law issue get all the opinions you need and then call John. He is simply a competent, decent man.

Chocoolate I.

My name is Cynthia Cho and I am an active practicing attorney in the State of California since 1994. Even attorneys require assistance in areas that may not be the area of theirexpertise. In a real estate matter, my husband and I put a significant deposit down to buy a new house from a housing development in Sacramento. However, our circumstances changed and we really were not going to be able to purchase that home. John Kitta, with REahis expertise in real estate matters, negotiated with this developer to cancel the contractand get all our deposit monies back. If there ever was a real estate matter that required an expert, John Kitta would be the attorney that I would go to, without a question!

Cynthia S. Cho
Attorney At Law